About Us

About the Owner

Shake ’n Swirl founder Jimmy Coady is the longtime owner of Cascarino’s next door. A veteran of the pizza business and a lifelong Whitestone resident, Jimmy has always loved ice cream.

As soon as Jimmy tried some sweet, creamy frozen yogurt flavors, he was hooked. He wanted to offer the creamy decadence of ice cream in a non-fat, healthier form and with the convenience of home delivery. In the future, Jimmy will add protein shakes, smoothies, and a juice bar to provide even more healthy, tasty treats.


The Shake ’n Swirl Vibe

Shake ’n Swirl customers enjoy a quick break from the world outside, with a nostalgic twist: music videos from yesterday and today. Gone are the days of music videos on television, and Shake ’n Swirl founder Jimmy Coady wants to bring them back. The music videos are especially popular with the after-school crowd.


Getting Creative

At Shake ’n Swirl, we enjoy switching out seasonal flavors and experimenting with new combinations. We’ve set up our machines so that you can swirl flavors together in winning combinations with the touch of a button. Our goal is to make the self-serve experience a fun treat to look forward to for every customer.